Bored of Boredom?

Don´t know what to do? I know, boredom is bored! Here you will get your boredom cure, so that you know what to do…

Boredom is not always bad…

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As the title of this Blog Post states… Boredom is not always bad. Yesterday was such a horrible boring day for me. But sometimes boredom is there because you need a downtime. Really. I did lay on my couch in the living room and did nothing. You did read right, nothing.

Sometimes it is just great to do nothing. Think about it. It can be a way to get new inspiration and new ideas. Maybe it is boring now, but maybe it´s like preparing for the next big idea you know? You do not always have to fight boredom. Maybe you just need this downtime… being thoughtless for some time to calm down. It can give you new energy and as said maybe new ideas. Sometimes we just think too much and our body says “Common, let me calm down now!”.

I would not always fight boredom. You don´t even have to find new ideas while you are bored to death. As said, try to lay down and calm down a bit. Think about nothing. Try it for a moment. Maybe this is what you need now. Just calm down for a while.

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