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Boring Life

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I met someone yesterday and we had some small talk. He several times repeated to say “Boring life”. He sounded with all his words so much pessimistic. I soon noticed he really think that his life is boring. I mean I can understand if someone is bored today because boredom is something which we all have sometimes. But to say that life is boring, is pretty wrong. I am one of the people who prefers to lay it on the line and wanted to talk with him more about the boring life. I asked if life is really boring or if he means that his life is just boring?

I wondered even more when he answered “What can you do everyday?”. He continued to say that life is boring because it´s like going to work, arrive at home after the work to watch tv. But I told him that this sounds like his daily routine is rather boring and that he needs a little bit more variety then to stop being bored with life. Life is not boring in my opinion. Some days can be bored yes but that the whole life is bored, that is simply wrong.

Life offers so much, but if you just do the same things day in and out, then it is no wonder if you talk about a boring life. Ok I said that work can be boring but there are ways to change that.

But I thought a bigger problem is that he does not know what to do apart from watching tv everyday in his free time. I asked him if he has no friends but he answered that he has some friends and they use the phone sometimes to talk about this and that and that it is not possible to meet them often because they live too far away. And I answered “Let´s face it… you do not have to stop friendship with them because they live too far away but you need friends in your city as well, otherwise your life will continue to be full of boredom”.

I said you need some friends who surround you. Because they often can inspire you to get new ideas and you can even discover new activities together. I clearly said that his life is boring due to the fact that he has no friends he could meet spontaneous and that this is already one reason why he has not much activities. Point. I do not want to say that everyone who thinks that the life is boring like hell has no friends. But in his case this was already the biggest reason which forces him to talk about a boring life. I told him that the solution is to go out and meet new people nevermind on which way. There are many ways how to do it like joining a soccer club, visiting events and so on and I do not wanted to go into detail. But there are enough ways to meet some new and additional friends.

Another thing is that he must think about other activities apart from watching tv. If I would watch tv everyday then I would clearly come to the point to say that life is boring, as well. Ok I must admit that it is very well for me to talk because I have a lot of hobbies apart from watching tv like playing guitar, blogging, photography, gaming and so to not get boredom at home. But apart from these home activities I have friends too who inspire me pretty much. We often have ideas.. sometimes too often. In my case it is even sometimes vice versa because I spend so much time with my friends that I do think that some other hobbies could come too short sometimes.

Ok I am lucky… and the guy I am talked to not. And I did not tell him all this because I wanted to boast. I simply wanted to tell him that there is no boring life and that it is just so that his life is boring at the moment due to too little variety. But he did accept my thinking and said that he agrees anyhow.

I really hoped that he thinks about it and that he finds ways to change the situation. Life is not boring because life is what you make out of it. With just one activity, your life will be indeed boring. If you are bored at home everyday, then you should think about it if it´s a good idea to be at home after work day in and out. In his case it was really too little activity and ideas and the fact that he does not know much people in the city.

So if you think life is boring, then you should maybe take a pen and paper and write down what your daily routine is. Write down all your hobbies and interests. If the paper will be still pretty much empty after two minutes, then you got your answer. There are too little interests and hobbies in your life. Life is not boring, your life is boring.

If you have no interests and hobbies, you will also have no activities. Then it is sure that you will die of boredom. What you need to do is find your interests and find based on these interests new hobbies. This will lead to more activity and even more creativity and for sure at the same time to a bigger circle of friends. Your interests will help you to socialize. And then it will be easy to kill the boredom. You simply can´t cure your boredom if you do not find your interests. Often there are reasons for boredom. Everyone who talks about a boring life, should think about it. There is no other way around it.

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