Bored of Boredom?

Don´t know what to do? I know, boredom is bored! Here you will get your boredom cure, so that you know what to do…

Boredom Elimination Tip 1 – The Grainy Challenge

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Are you shocked about the photo above? You ask why I show you the photo? There is one reason! It´s a pirat painted with sugar on a kitchen tabletop. Painting with sugar? Right! I posted this great idea about how to overcome boredom, on my Photography Blog.

Let’s face it! You are probably bored now otherwise you would not have found the blog here. At least you would otherwise not read any sentence more. So why don´t you go to the kitchen to find the sugar and start painting? If your kitchen tabletop is clean, you can even put the sugar back into the box after painting. It´s not even a waste of sugar.

The pirat sugar painting above is something my mother created when she was bored. If my mother is bored, she usually looks around to find out if she can start fighting boredom with anything she finds in her surroundings. I noticed this very often. She is master in fighting the tediousness. And she is right. Our surroundings often offer so much. We maybe just need to come up with ideas what to do with the things around us.

You maybe laugh now. But this is already a good step to prevent the boredom from killing you. And anyway… laughing is healthy unless you laugh so hard that you gonna asphyxiate.

So, if you are still alive after reading this blogpost, here is my challenge for you. Go look if you find any safe fine-grained stuff like sugar or bird sand and start painting with your fingers. If you finished, then take a photo of it. And if you are interested, I could even publish your finished artwork on the blog here. I mean in case you want to show your artwork other people and in case you give me the rights to publish the image here. I am nosy if anybody will come up with some crazy or funny paintings!

To inspire you some more, here is another artwork of my mother… A fish painted in bird sand when she was bored…

Do you mean you can compete with my mother? Then show it! Do you mean this is a way to eleminate your boredom? Then hurry up and unleash the creativity to kill the boredom!

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