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Best Free Games for Boredom Cure Part 1 – Suggesting Second Life

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The blog here is about boredom cure which means I will give those who are bored , inspiration how to overcome the boredom. I start with a blogpost series about free games you could check out if you like games and if you are bored at home.

Today I want to suggest Second Life which is a free game (some dislike it to call it a game since it offers much more then a game) you could instantly download and enjoy for free. Second Life is basically an online virtual world where you can socialize with people, discover a new world, learn new skills, listen to music, being creative and much more. There is so much to do that I believe I will even forget to mention some things here in the blogpost. It is really hard to summarize all the things you can do against boredom in Second Life.

It is in my opinion one of the best free games for boredom cure because it is pretty complex and I guess it will cure boredom of most people in seconds if they test the game. I mean this because it is an online world where you can discover and learn much to overcome boredom. It´s simply a growing huge community created world to discover where you can meet a lot of interesting and creative people. Second Life is everything else then bored. It is such a huge world to explore that you will forget what boredom is.

After you created your first account on their website, you need to download their game client. It´s the software you start to log into the virtual world. The software is not huge as most data of Second Life will be loaded from the server while you are in the game. Theirfor, no huge and bored long-lasting installation needed.

Dont be afraid to discover once arrived in Second Life. The first question you will have is “What can I do here to overcome my boredom?”.  You might have this question because there is no waypoint, no target, no goal like in most games. You might feel set out in a new world and that is one of the concepts of Second Life. There is no goal. You set your goals in Second Life. And if you get behind it, then boredom will be something from yesterday. If you go further, you will notice that the whole enviroment there wont give you time for boredom. It is a huge amount of things to discover to stop being bored. If you sit bored at home, then Second Life is a free game you should check out. It is a pretty immersive world which will cure your boredom fast, believe me.

First familiarize with the control of your avatar. You can walk in all directions with the arrow keys. You will find other people around you and you can chat with them. Just hit the enter key and write something. That´s where boredom cure starts because Second Life has such a great community. Most of the people their are very friendly and helpful.

Dont be afraid to ask questions in the chat if someone is near you. There are many new user at the arrival points in Second Life who dont know much more then you but there are many experienced users too who wait there to help new people understand Second Life. Because most experienced users know that Second Life is not one of the games you start and understand in seconds. It is a more complex enviroment but will kill your boredom pretty fast. So your first goal might be to understand how that all works and maybe you already socialize and make new friends at that point. If you are bored of boredom, then you should really try it out.

What you soon want to do is getting a better looking avatar. You maybe notice some of the avatars of players near you look better then your avatar. This is something you can change later on. You can go shopping for new clothes for example. Everything you will find in the Second Life World, is created by the community. Those creators sell their creations but the good news is, there is many stuff you can grab for free. And it is even better.. if you have creative skills, then you can create your own stuff. If this is the case, then you know boredom less then ever. Second Life has it´s own currency called “Linden Dollars” or in short “L$”. This is the currency you can earn if you do create things later on. But you can earn it on other ways too. And as said you dont even need it because there is many free stuff you will find to improve the appearance of your avatar. Second Life is what you make out of it. So, talking with people and asking for help is something you should do. Reading and searching will be one of the things you need to do too, to understand more of Second Life. But we talk already about advanced stuff here right now. So let´s go back to some basic stuff…

I mentioned already that Second Life is pretty much about socializing, meeting new people, having a chat and so. This can be already boredom cure but let me talk a little bit more about the places you can discover. The Second Life Client has a search function on board which you will find soon. Let me say this is the main function you need if you want to explore more of the virtual world. Let´s say you want to find a beach. Then you simply type in beach in the Second Life Search in the game and a list of places with a beach will pop up. Traveling in Second Life works like teleporting. In fact it is called teleporting. If you found something you want to explore in the search, then you click on “teleport” and your avatar will travel to that new place.

This is another great way to overcome boredom and this is one of the reasons why I said there is so much to discover. The users of Second Life have created a lot of cool places and they still create new cool places which you can discover. And you could create those places too in case you would like to do so. All the creativity there is something which will cure your boredom. But please be careful because for some Second Life was so immersive that they became addicted. But as someone who likes games, you probably know where to stop. At least you should because that rule counts for every other game too.

Second Life is also a great game for those who love music regardless of whether you make music or if you just like listening to music. I told you already how you can find places with the search in Second Life. So when type in there things like “music”, “clubs” or “music clubs” then you will find dozens of places where you can either listen music or make the music for the people who are there. I think I dont have to say that listening or making music is the boredom cure number one! The thing is that there are many other users in the Second Life Clubs and they all dance together and listening to a real DJ… in real time! Another way to overcome boredom? It is, because it is less bored listening music with other people together instead of listening to music alone. Socializing while listening music together is something which will kill your boredom pretty fast. If you then find cool new people in Second Life who might become your friends, then boredom is something from the past.

And those clubs in Second Life are the meeting points where you can interact with each other. But that does not mean they are the only places. As said it is hard to summarize all places. As Second Life is a world where the user can create and change the enviroment, it is logical that you will find places you know from real life too. City´s, forests, streets and what ever you can imagine. As said already… it´s a huge user created world and everything else than bored. You must use the search function in Second Life and there you can type in what ever you are looking for to kill your boredom. You can even find games you could play with people together. Do you notice how open the world is? It´s like a huge sandbox and one of the best free games!

I talked already about the creative part of Second Life and this topic is even more complex then anything else I talked about. If you are musician in real life, a guitar player or DJ for example, then you basically can do that in Second Life too. If you can connect your instruments already to your computer and if you know a lot about it, then you can stream your music into Second Life, which means clubs could hire you to make music for them and their crowd. Sounds strange? I tell you the truth. It is possible via streaming. This is advanced stuff and you should read about it more, if this is your Second Life Goal. And again it is everything but not boring. It is boredom cure.

Still talking about creativity, 2d and 3d artists of you will have a lot of fun too in Second Life because you basically can create anything you can imagine. Clothes, architecture, textures. Not so boring right? I am creator in Second Life and boredom is something I dont feel often. Really. And you can make money with Second Life if you choose to do so. You can exchange the Second Life Currency to Real US Dollars but an alternative is to use the Currency inworld. You wont get rich in Second Life, however it is fun to become creative and Second Life is anyway not only about money. The creative part is a big thing there. It´s a fun factor. Nevermind if you want to create things alone or with people you met in Second Life. It is even possible to work on a project together. Boredom? I dont think so!

So I mentioned already a few things, what to do in Second Life. It was a lot of text here but still not mentioned everything. So if you sit bored at home and if you need boredom cure, then Second Life is at least an idea how to stop being bored. You might check it out. I guess some of you would not be bored anymore when they arrive in Second Life. For each person there is something to do in this world, to cure the boredom. It is just one of the free games you should check out. Maybe you like it and maybe it will help you out of the boredom. I can’t promise because different people have different tastes. But you can’t know it, if you dont try. And that would mean you will stay bored! And Second Life might be something against your boredom.

This is the first blog post about free games for boredom cure. There are so many other cool free games out there in the internet that I maybe will write more about free games you can instantly download to kill your boredom. I know boredom is horrible and that´s why my blog agenda is to help you people out or at least trying to do so. If you are bored, then the reason is sometimes because you are sick of your other hobbys, because you have no new ideas. That happens sometimes. With this blog I will try to give ideas for those who asked google “What to do”, “Im bored”, “bored at home” and so on. There is no reason to be bored at home. Maybe it is just the idea you miss.

I hope the suggestion or anything else in my blog helped you out of the boredom.


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