Bored of Boredom?

Don´t know what to do? I know, boredom is bored! Here you will get your boredom cure, so that you know what to do…

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40 Cat Quotes That Are Brutally True

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40 Cat Quotes That Are Brutally True

Today I did spend some time to search for cat quotes. I found hundreds of them but wrote down my favorite ones. What I like about quotes is that they are often so true. I wanted to create a list of the best cat quotes as I never done something similar on my blog. This is not only a list of funny cat quotes, they are additionally also brutally true quotes and some of them really made me laugh. Hope you will enjoy the list, hope it will make you smile too…

1. Time spent with cats is never wasted. Sigmund Freud

2. As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat. Ellen Perry Berkeley

3. Any household with at least one feline member has no need for an alarm clock. Louise A. Belcher

4. Cats are intended to teach us that not everything in nature has a purpose. Garrison…

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Reading is another way to overcome boredom…

Sometimes if I am bored then I do just lean back to read a while through the internet. Sometimes you can really discover great new stories. I am a big fan of cats for example and yesterday I browsed through the web and found a stories about a new cat breed. The breed is called Lykoi cat and it seems that they are the latest thing. But it´s hard to find a Lykoi cat for sale at the moment as they are not established enough at the moment. But it seems that they will be very popular! This was one of these subject which busied me for some hours yesterday.

So, sometimes if you are bored, then you might just ask Google for any search terms that you are interested in. You maybe will find out new things and your boredom will vanish. Reading is a great way to overcome boredom. I am not telling you that you should read about cats but you are maybe interested in other subjects and I say you could look them up with Google as it is a good way fight boredom.

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Are YOU, or your kids, bored?

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I saw this on a friends Facebook and love it.
All my life I’ve wondered how anyone could ever be ‘bored’. Certainly not for lack of opportunity to DO, and LIVE, for that only comes from lack of willingness to think, and look beyond ourselves. We must make ourselves aware of life around us.

If I were ever bored, I would do some baking and go give it to someone. If I didn’t bake, I’d make a sandwich, or even buy some food, and go give it to someone.

If I had no ability to bake, or money to buy something to share, I’d go for a walk, with my eyes open to my surroundings and the needs around me. I’d go pick up litter. We’ve actually done this.

There’s much too much to do in this life to be bored! If you’re bored, find an adventure. If you can’t…

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Avoiding boredom in a relationship

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A relationship should be full of passion, excitement, and fun. Yet, for a lot of couples, this just isn’t the case. We have this ideal of what a couple should be, how they should act, and we adhere to these strict standards. This is why so many couples are in a rut and the reason why so many couples don’t survive. The spark is crucial to having a relationship survive; without it, a relationship is doomed. This is why we must avoid boredom in a relationship at all cost.

Use your imagination

If you are constantly doing the same things, you will definitely get bored. We know this very well from childhood. Whenever we got a new toy, we would be bored a week later. The spark of a relationship lasts a lot longer than getting a new gadget; yet the rules are still the same. There has to…

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Make your own Meme if you are Bored

funny photo

I start this blog post to talk about creating memes but I will expand the topic to creative activities in general. There is one simple and great idea how to overcome boredom. Make your own Meme with Photoshop! I know, this only does count for people who own Photoshop but you can use the steps with any other graphic tool too.

But if you own Photoshop or any other graphic software, then this kind of picture editing will definitely kill your boredom. It is one creative way to overcome boredom fast. I love creative activities. And the linked Meme Tutorial did help me to understand the workflow of creating funny memes and at the same time the tutorial killed my boredom.

If you own Photoshop, then I would say in general that reading Tutorials is a hell of fun and a good way to kill boredom. That does not only count for Photoshop. Even if you use different software, reading tutorials is a great way to improve your knowhow and to learn new things. Did you buy any software you still don´t understand? Why not starting now to learn how to use the software? Really one big boredom killer tip incoming… type in the name of your software in google and add “Tutorials” and see what google will show you.

There is a massive amount of knowhow you can find with a few clicks. It´s possible learning to use every software with help of the internet. In my case above I was just looking for the information how the usually meme font is called and then I learned how to create them with photoshop and my boredom went away fast.

Sometimes we really just think “Nah, this will take me too much time”. But believe me… if you have something which takes time to learn, then it will in the future decrease the chance that you feel boredom again. Really. So start today. I realize this blog post started with the idea to create memes… but I do think it is good to expand the topic. Because the blog here is about boredom and my experience is that those creative interests might take time to learn but at the same time they definitely will decrease the chance to get into boredom again.

Creativity is the master-key. Being creative or having creative hobbies, will lead you to the point where you will learn to be more and more creative when it comes to finding ideas about activities. And then boredom will be less of a topic for you. Even if things to learn will take time, it´s better than feeling bored. So start today and learn what you want!

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Where to Buy Games Online and Instantly if you are Bored

If you are gamer like me, you sometimes need new games to play. But the main problem is often that the shops have already closed or that it would take a long time until the games arrive if you order them online, UNLESS you buy them on digital distribution platforms like GamersGate for example! Then you can purchase and download them instantly!

This is just great due to the fact that you need a game now if you are bored and not tomorrow. This is for sure the opportunity to kill boredom fast. There is an amazing list of games you could get instantly to cure boredom. This is one way I do fight boredom, as I always have some money on PayPal to grab some good pc games.

I also suggest to watch the offers section over there. They sometimes have heavily price reduced games there. They often have great download games under ten and sometimes even under five dollars. It´s worth a glance.

I own a huge list of games there already and always if I am bored, I do remember that I simply could download and install one of my games. That works almost always to kill the boredom. Sometimes the simple things can give you an idea to overcome the frustration of being bored to death. GamersGate probably will help you out too if you are gamer and bored right now.


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